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Domautics Home Automation System in India

It may sound futuristic but with the kind of technological advancements in the world, home automation system is no rich man's territory. A professionally installed home automation system is a serious investment that can add value to your home – it is not a hobby or a gimmick. Installing a home automation system is not as expensive and complex as remodelling your home. Read More

Home Automation refers to the use of computer and information technology to control the home appliances and the features. The system can range from the simple remote control of lighting to the complex computer or microcontroller with varying degrees of intelligence and automation. With the integration of this technology with home environment, systems and appliances are able to communicate in an integrated manner which results in energy efficiency, convenience and safety benefits.

Domautics offers a smart and efficient range of products at an affordable price to stand the test of time. Our endeavour is to always create products that adhere to the highest standards. We offer one of the best Home automation systems compatible with a number of products. The system integrates software and hardware seamlessly bringing down the installation costs.

Absolute Home Automation Services

The purpose of Domautics is to provide automation solutions to manage wide ranging category at an affordable cost. We offer what we call 'Talking Homes'. We integrate the complex idea on a single simple smartphone app. The app offers notifications anywhere and everywhere through internet and flexible enough to incorporate new features. The biggest advantage of home automation from Domautics is that it does not even require changes in cabling. The components are of supreme quality, has safety features and survives several utility features such as Internet and power failure. The solutions are simple to deploy, maintain and operate integrating in the lifestyle of wide strata of society.

Are you planning to control the access of TV for your children? Or knowing power consumption of you're ACs, Geysers and Microwave? Or getting alerts of switching on and off an AC while leaving for office? If yes, install a home automation system now. Domautics is one of your best options. It offers a robust collection of home automation India.

The demand for home automation in India has seen a decent growth over the past years. Inherent simplicity of the home automation systems, the luxury & comfort it offers, the energy efficiency it brings to your home, are some of the reasons why people are gaining so much interest in these systems.

With Domautics home automation, you gain access to control your electrical devices and almost every electrical device and system in your home can be automated. This offers you the liberty to manage and moderate your home appliances & devices from anywhere in the world. And, all this is done through an easy to use mobile app - Talking Homes. The app works on both mobile operating systems - android & iOS. What else? You need not burn a hole in your pocket to experience this luxury & comfort in your home!

Pride of Make in India

All the automation solutions are developed in-house by Domautics Pvt. Ltd. We stand Inspired with the Make in India initiative. And, our automation solutions are backed by the same spirit. The IoT based home automation solutions are designed taking into account that the final product is cost-effective & doesn't charge you a bomb. Read Less

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