Energy Efficient Home

Building an energy efficient home is all about aligning the house design with the natural process of the environment and save energy at home. Whatever you want from your green home, there is good chance that Domautics has already thought of it and incorporated the idea into one of the designs of the energy efficient house. Everyone of which carries our services vouches for guarantees across the service, expertise and quality of material.

Energy Efficiency refers to doing more with less energy. It benefits you, your country and the world. The benefits of building an energy efficient home are many. Domautics is all about achieving highest level of efficiency, comfort and livability for your energy efficient house through designs which are responsive to the situation.

We Help you Save Energy at Home!

Internet of Things (IoT), a technological advancement that lets the physical devices embedded with sensing equipments to get networked. It further leads them to connect together and exchange data. Automation enables one to save energy while at home.

A green home is the need of the hour. Depleting resources to produce energy and an irresponsible behaviour towards the environment and energy usage has added to the increased need of moving towards an energy efficient house.

With the increasing prices of almost everything, we need to be more pious towards saving energy. So, let’s take a step further to turn your home smarter, greener & energy efficient.

The sensors on detecting a person’s presence automatically activates the lights or turns them off when no one’s around. This cuts down on unnecessary usage of electricity. It won’t solely reduce your bills but indirectly you would be contributing towards a greener tomorrow.

You can schedule your devices to the times when you need them and when you not. Also, the HVAC control system senses and reacts according to the situation present. For example, you can schedule your air conditioner to turn off at a specific point of time.

Why Save Energy at Home with Domautics?

  • It saves you money.
  • It enhances the quality of life offering comfort, convenience and luxury.
  • It saves electricity with next generation smart home solutions.
  • It improves the economy.
  • It is good for the environment and abides by the environmental concerns.
  • It increase your house safety and security.

So, Build a Green & Energy Efficient Home with Domautics

These reasons are in no particular order because each person’s priorities are unique. By taking advantage of the natural lighting, ventilation and heating/cooling opportunities that can be created in your house, you can save energy at home and save on the ongoing energy costs for many years to come. The plans offers flexibility to allow you to adapt spaces to your lifestyle and changes to household composition over time.

With Domautics, you can look forward for a smooth, enjoyable experience as your new green home comes to life. Our professionals and experts have industry-leading expertise focussed on building an energy efficient home. If you are looking to build a more unique and tailored fashion around your family or lifestyle, there is nothing Domautics will love more than creating and designing your very own Green Homes. It is a mix of your ideas, our expertise and international standards in every corner. Take a look and consult the experts for the best designs and options. Contact us now!

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