Q. How does it work?
Your home electrical switches are fitted with small concealed controllers (behind the switch gang-box) which communicate on wireless technologies with the TalkingHomes application on your android or IOS phone. It's simple & sturdy!
Q. Why would I like to control my appliances when I am away from home? How does it add value to my day to day life?
Let's see some practical scenarios...

  • Scenario 1 - Your maid is alone at home & you don't want her to operate TV, AC, microwave etc. With TalkingHomes solution you can 'child-lock' your appliances to authorize access to each appliance at your home while you are at home or away (say office or shopping etc.).

  • Scenario 2 - Your child returns home from school when you are away & you don't want him or her to operate TV or a microwave etc. You can keep control with TalkingHomes app on your phone... 'Dad, I have done my work, please unlock the TV...' a click on the app while sitting in office & there you go!

  • Scenario 3 - Till now you may have been switching ON your geysers at night itself for warm water early morning next day. Now you can preset to switch ON the geyser only for 20 mins (e.g.) on every working day. Talking home lets you schedule the same with feature of 'scheduling'. Your appliances run on schedule decided by you (when you are at home or away) letting you keep consumption as per actual usage.

  • Scenario 4 - You left office in a hurry & forgot to switch-off one of the ACs or there was no power at home when you left & AC was ON. Not to worry, firstly a proactive alert would let you know the same, then you can switch it off from TalkingHomes app.

  • Scenario 5 - You don't want electricity supply to be switched-off, even by mistake, to a lifesaving appliance of your ageing parent, or e.g. aquarium or refrigerator. TalkingHomes makes it happen by 'manual-override' feature built in the child-lock. You can enable or disable from anywhere.

  • Scenario 6 - You at home keep on running from room to room to switch-off lights, fans etc. You have heard your mom say 'I keep switching off lights all day'. Now don't worry, while watching TV or cooking or reading newspaper out in the lawn you can switch-off all these appliances from your phone. You would also get alerts of an appliance being ON for a long duration (as you program)

  • Scenario 7 - 'I really don't know why my electricity bill is so high? What is consuming so much?' You have wondered many times. With talking homes you get analytics of consumption of each power appliance on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Information is key for you to correct, control & save.

  • Scenario 8 - You have old parents at home. When maid leaves after working, she leaves fans or lights on. It may happen multiple times in a day to burden your old parents. They can now check the complete home on the app dashboard & switch off appliances without having to move around. They can now relax with TalkingHomes & you would save electricity.

  • Scenario 9 - You can build preset 'Scenes-as-you-Desire'. For example, when you are coming back from office, you desire a 'Scene' - AC of living room, your side lamp & fan to be ON. Just before you reach home you can switch to 'Scene-as-you-Desire' to enter into your TalkingHomes. Scenes like 'Going-to-Office', 'Vacation' etc can be preconfigured by you.

  • Scenario 10 - One of your ACs is ON for more than 5 hours (or as you have configured), you would receive alert on TalkingHomes app. It can be done for any appliance. Live Green!
Q. If I misplace my phone or application is not working, would I be able to operate my home as before?
Yes, TalkingHomes application does not impact normal working of your home as before. It helps you in controlling your home over & above your normal ways from anywhere. In other words, you can operate your home manually or with TalkingHomes simultaneously. Also you can use the same application from internet also, like if your bank app is not working, you can use the to do your transactions.
Q. Can it be done in my existing home without affecting my present aesthetics or cabling?
Yes, state-of-art & highly precise components makes the controllers aesthetically go behind you existing switches (any standard make) hence NO change to appearance of your home or electrical cabling is required.
Q. How much time does it take to make my home fitted for this solution?
It takes about 6-8 hours to completely fit a typical 3 bedroom home.
Q. What is required at my home to make it work?
A Wi-Fi connection or coverage of a mobile network. TalkingHomes solution uses your home Wi-Fi connection with bare minimum data usage (in KBs only) & seamlessly fail-over to mobile network in case Wi-Fi fails. It is seamless to the user.
Q. Can someone hack into my application & take control of my home?
It is not possible as TalkingHomes uses industry standard security solutions to securely connect to your home from your phone; in technical language it uses AES 128 bit standard. It is similar to operating your bank account from your mobile phone.
Q. If my phone is stolen, can someone take control of my home?
No, TalkingHomes solution works with Two-Factor authentication hence allowing only the devices or phones which you have authorized/registered to control your home.
Q. Why only TalkingHomes?
User Perspective - Future Oriented & Responsibility towards Society: Live Green, Live Smart

  • Affordability - 'Home automation is no more a luxury with TalkingHomes, it's an affordable necessity'
  • Complete Wireless technology - no aesthetic change to your home.
  • Ease of installation, operation & After-Sales-Support
  • Highly Secure: Two-Factor Authentication

    • User Name, Password
    • IMEI No registration

  • Child safely
  • Control on unauthorized use of your appliances in your absence hence electricity consumption
  • You can see who is at the front door on your home when you are not at home
  • Visibility of power consumption of each of the electrical power appliance

Technology Perspective

  • Works on Wi-Fi, GSM & Sub-Gig
  • Indigenously developed solution with NO dependency on any third party for future release & enhancements. Hence we proudly say 'Make in India, For the World'
  • Cloud enabled Automation

    • Secure (128 bit AES)
    • Near-Real-Time experience even when you are away from your home

  • Linux based backend platform for Android & IOS for higher stability
  • Time proven & stable AWS cloud technology
  • All devices are modular, replaceable & replicable. Hence we ONLY replace.
Q. How is it different from a CCTV at my home which can also be operated from an app on my phone?
In CCTV solutions, you have to see keep seeing the video (recorded or live) to keep track of activities at your home, which is a reactive approach. You may have to keep seeing long videos to look for an incident, which is practically difficult especially when you are at work. More often than not, CCTV footage is a forensic tool after the incident has happened. TalkingHomes gives a proactive approach by alerting you by features like letting you control all electrical appliances at home from anywhere, 'who-is-at-my-door', gas-leak etc . Time to react is key before an incident happens.
Q. What is the After-Sales Support Setup?
We have industrialized, state-of-art & ITIL V3 SLA driven support process to give our clients best-in-class after sales support.

Teams are available at single-point-of-contact at +918287160160
You can also reach us at [email protected]
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