Hotel Automation System

Automation of hotels in India has witnessed a rapid increase. The hotels have embraced this technology to improve their operations and revolutionize the guest experience. The hotel automation system enables the hotel owners to offer their guests with the comfort and convenience of controlling several multiple functions in the room such as the lighting, temperature and other audio/video system using the automated systems.

Here are a few benefits of installing hotel automation system -

  • Cost reduction and increased revenue.
  • Immediate response to the guests.
  • Saves time.
  • Personalized Convenience
  • Guest Comfort

We, at Domautics make sure that our hotel automation system enriches the hotel guest’s experience and improve the operational energy efficiency complying with the global trends.

What all can be done with Hotel Automation?

Mood Lighting - Amaze the crowd and your valuable visitors with the power of automation. Our solutions talks perfection when it comes to embrace people with the mood lighting ability that the automation solutions possess.

Control Curtains - Getting out of the bed just to escape the sunlight peeking in from the glass window? How about having them controlled just with a Smartphone? Talking homes, available both on iOS & android platforms, lets you do so. Open or close the curtains as & when you wish.

Cut on Energy bills - With the presence of smart sensing capabilities of the automation systems you can save on your electricity bills. On detecting a person’s presence, the sensors lit up the lights and put them off when no one’s around.

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The integration of the automation system with the hotel property management enables the staff to monitor and control based on the occupancy to reduce the energy costs, attend the guest’s request for improved services, fast cool room-air conditioning for the comfort of the guest when they check in and monitor the guest departure for cleaning services and many more.

Our hotel automation system have enabled the guests and customers to experience a high return on the investment via the improved operational efficiencies, decreased energy costs, effective management of the resources, superior customer service and enhanced guest comfort and convenience.

Domautics with its proficiency in research and development has always focused its aim to engineer the product developments and to building an energy efficient home or establishment. With efforts of the team, we have been able to build superior quality and high class products which have better quality, durability and cost-effectiveness. It provides affordable retrofit solutions for hotel automation.

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