Industrial Automation Projects

Do you prefer the same conveniences at office as you do in your home? If yes, commercial automation system from Domautics offers full control over your appliances throughout the office. Today, the technology gives you the ability to control anything from a single mobile device. You can access, control and schedule just about anything with the mobile application.

Automation systems can significantly reduce overhead and increase the company profits. Building automation system will help identify inefficiencies and give you the information you need to solve them. The industrial automation projects by Domautics are used for both small and large businesses meeting your company’s budget requirements.

The primary vision of the founders is to offer high-quality, reliable and affordable solutions to control or monitor the electrical appliances remotely with the little or minimal human effort in the market. Along with home automation, we are also placing focus on hotel automation system, industrial automation projects, office building automation system, office spaces and major housing developers.

In Industrial Automation Projects, Domautics offers Industrial Management Information System based on Internet of Things where you check real time manufacturing status on mobile devices anywhere in the world. It helps you keep a check and count of the production status according to the work allotted to each machine.

Hotels strive to deliver a remarkable experience to its customers. And, automation astound customers with its unique offerings. Considering this, Domautics extends Hotel Automation Projects which help control the lightings, air conditioners and schedule the Airwashers, exhausts from your smartphone. This saves energy and keeps the property under the control.

Our commercial automation systems tackle the specific needs of the industries by offering easy reconfigurable installations for continuous usage and increased productivity. Our security solutions reflect a unusual convergence of technology and high-end aesthetic design to offer round-the- clock performance. We provide a range of advanced safety and security systems made with high-end technology essential for today’s infrastructures. We ensure to protect your critical investment by effectually maintaining the hardware and software system and ensuring that all systems are up to date.

Domautics also offer hotel automation system under its umbrella of industrial automation projects enhancing the operational efficiency, service and maintenance, shifting the focus on more important things. Domautics has developed system management software packages that gives the hoteliers unparalleled management and in-room control across the entire property.

Why Choose Us? -

  • Cutting edge technology
  • Facilitates cost and energy savings
  • Superior design, engineering and execution
  • Automated alerts and security
  • Wide application with just a single smartphone app
  • Advanced safety and security systems

With our single smartphone app, you have access to an online command center which gives you an overview and a rich detailed analysis. This allows to you make smart changes as and when needed. The app offers notifications anywhere and everywhere through the internet and flexible enough to incorporate new features.

We aim to be present in majority of the establishments owing to the ease of use of the services and products, the easy installation process, after sales service and the fact that our products are 2-3 times more economically viable than the one’s currently present in the market. With customized automation packages we help you create, your business is sure to reap the benefits of increased efficiency, comfort, convenience and security upon installation.

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