Smartphone Home Automation

Heard about one device controlling all the other devices at your place? Such is the potential of Home Automation System. A smartphone home automation incorporates the smart devices running in many parts of the home seamlessly by themselves without any human intervention. Depending on your goals, home automation is quite affordable and can save you money over time. A smart home is not just about automatic lights - there are loads of options to make your day to day life a little easier.

Automation has brought a lot of comfort and a sense of luxury to us. Right from securing your house to adding beauty to it. There are innumerable things that automation can help us achieve. Domautics Automation solutions lets you have a great control over your devices & your home.

With our automation solutions you can control house lights with Iphone or an Android device as & when you desire.

Not only you can have control on the light switch but it additionally, offers you several other features. Hue lights are showing strong signs of their increased demand. People have started making these hue lights a part of their homes. The ease of operating them with your phone is unbeatable. Here, your Iphone acts as a light switch that operates it, changes the hue to match your mood & set the right ambience every time.

What does Smartphone Home Automation offers?

Enhanced accessibility, the ease of controlling your light switches, the autonomy of scheduling your home air conditioners and everything just by a tap on your smartphone are the few features that home automation offers. Whether you own an android device or an Iphone, our Home Automation systems works seamlessly on all platforms.

Our Unique Selling Proposition is what we call 'Talking Homes'. From a user perspective, it is future oriented and exhibits a responsibility towards the society. The entire idea and concept is integrated in a single smartphone app. You can control all the connected appliances just from your smartphone with proper dominance to control other products within the home. The application offers notifications from anywhere and everywhere through internet and flexible enough to incorporate new features. It also sends timely reminders and alerts to make the best use of this evolving technology.

Some of the biggest benefits of Home Automation System from Domautics are -

  • Complete Wireless Technology
  • High Security : Two Factor Authentication
  • No changes in the cabling
  • Ease of installation and good after sales support
  • Control on unauthorized use of your appliances
  • Evaluate the power consumption of each of the electrical appliances.

The solutions are simple to locate, maintain and integrate in the lifestyle of wide strata of the society offering a real time experience when away from home. The elements are of supreme quality, comprises of safety features and survives several utility features such as Internet and Power failure. The smartphone application works on Wifi, GSM and Sub-Gig. It is an indigenously developed solution with no dependency on any third party for future enhancements. We take pride in saying 'Made in India, For The World'.

A wide increase in the demand of home automation systems has been witnessed in the past years in India. People are becoming adaptive to such solutions based on Internet of Things which brings comfort, better accessibility & flexibility to lives. So, how about controlling your house lights through your iphone or turning them off with your android device? Sounds great, right? Domautics understands the demands of today's consumers and their packed up lives. Thus, we pay attention to details while developing the home automation systems so it offers our consumers the best value possible.

Domautics specializes in home automation system offering maximum value for money and reliability with a range of options to build the ultimate system with the complexity and cost. We make sure that home automation is no more a luxury with Talking Homes but is an affordable necessity.

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