Wireless Home Automation System

Imagine if a major chunk of the devices in your life could be connected to the internet? And if all those devices could communicate, send you information and take your commands? No, it is not science-fiction, it is home automation accomplished through wireless mediums. Automation provides control of the basic home system and appliances into the hands of the owner and offer access from a remote point such as smartphone app or any other centralized point. It refers to the automatic and electronic control of household features, activity and appliances.

Wireless automation is exactly what it sounds like - it is automating the ability to control items in and around the house.

WiFi Controlled Lights:

Wireless lighting undoubtedly complements & uplifts the liveliness of any home irrespective of whether it is new or old, large or small. The aura of wireless lighting is so huge that every single person gets addicted to it. Kids, elders, visitors everyone is mesmerized with the beauty of Wifi Controlled Lights. Powered with wireless lighting control systems, the lights operate conveniently & convincingly while giving you a delighting experience.

The magnificence of illuminating your home as per your mood or choice has become possible with automation. The lighting bulbs connected through IoT control systems work on the hint of your smart phones. The wireless lighting control systems function seamlessly to light up your mood. Your smart phone acts as a remote to change the colour of the lights just the way you like.

How does home automation work?

The Automation Systems comprises of hardware, electronic interfaces and communication that works to integrate the devices with one another. The activities can be regulated with a single touch. The three main elements of a home automation system are the sensors, controllers/actuators & controlling application on mobile. From any remote location, users can adjust the controls of the various systems and perform other activities.

Benefits of Wireless Home Automation System

The future is completely accessible. You might think of wifi controlled lights and automation system as an excellent way to keep up with latest technologies as an opportunity for homeowners to show off but there are a some incontestable benefits to automating your home that you might have not about before. Want a couple of examples? Here is a list

  • Saves money, energy and time
  • Adds safety through use-when- required-only
  • Increases convenience through wireless lighting control system
  • Enhances peace of mind
  • Allows you to have control over your house even when you are out of town
  • Helps you keep tab on the children, maids etc

Domautics allows you to tap into high-tech functionality and luxury that wasn’t possible in the past. It offers wireless home automation solutions at an affordable price. Offering superior quality products, you will enter the world of wireless control system with Domautics. As technology development continues to expand, so will the possibilities for home automation to make life easier and more enjoyable. Contact us now!

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